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Discover all the ways we can make your beach day unforgettable. From our beachfront restaurant and bar to our massages and more, we have everything you need for the ultimate beach experience. Explore our services and start planning your visit today!

Beach club

Our beach club is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun. Enjoy delicious cocktails, food and breathtaking ocean views. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, lounge in our comfortable beach chairs, or indulge in a relaxing massage. With our attentive staff and luxurious amenities, your day at the beach will be unforgettable. Come experience paradise at DUNA Xpuha.

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Beachfront bliss awaits


Our beachfront restaurant offers a unique dining experience with delicious dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy a variety international cuisine while admiring the stunning ocean view. Indulge in our signature cocktails and refreshing beverages while basking in the warm Caribbean breeze. Join us for a memorable dining experience at DUNA Xpuha!


Relax and rejuvenate with our massage service at DUNA Xpuha Beach Club. Our experienced therapists will ease your tension and leave you feeling refreshed. Enjoy the sound of the waves and the stunning beachfront views as you indulge in a soothing massage. Choose from a great variety of options.

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Experience paradise


Enjoy the taste of paradise with our refreshing cocktails. Made with only the freshest ingredients and tropical fruits, our cocktails will transport you to the beautiful beaches of DUNA Xpuha. Sip on a signature drink while relaxing in our beachfront lounge or soaking up the sun on our white sand beach.

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